How do you visualise sound?

The aim of this project was to visualise a song, in a way that is intriguing and would sell to an audience that is judging music purely on a visual basis (for Secret 7 see below).

I chose to represent Max Richter’s classical piece titled ‘Dream 3’.

Concept: “Fake Awakening” (the last dream as we are waking up/lingering in between two states of consciousness).

Key themes: Fluidity, Distortion, Holistic, Sunrise and Dream.

The artwork was created by hand. In order to create distortion on a flat surface (brief limited it to CMYK print), I looked into Bridget Riley's lined 3D work for inspiration. I created duotone lines of a photograph of clouds (taken by me on a plane) to create my lines out of the background image. I created an angled plaster model with clay, that was then vacuum formed to create the last cast. I then mixed the colours to follow a colour palette, that I had extracted from photographs of sunrises. And screenprinted the plastic, which I then vacuum formed by pressing the mold of the face onto the clouds to create the distorted image. I then later photographed the plastic in the studio.

Secret 7
is an annual competition where creatives are invited to interpret one of 7 tracks and create a 7-inch sleeve cover for it. The secret element responds to the fact that the name of the track is withheld from the buyer until it has been bought. The proceeds then go to charity.

Kingston School of Art, London. 2016