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What is Brand Consulting?

Brand consultants scrutinise, analyse and evaluate the brand identity, brand performance and brand strategy of their clients’ products or services. They then offer expert recommendations and insights into how their client can revitalise their brand.

Brand consultants begin their mission by conducting extensive research. Once the research is complete, the brand consultant will process the data, analyse it, identify trends, interpret the information. They will then share their findings with the client and offer expert guidance on how the company can optimise the return on their marketing campaigns.

These recommendations can focus on anything from brand name, packaging design and visual merchandising to strategy development, copywriting, internal brand engagement and the use of social media and other digital phenomena.

The majority of brand consultants will take their duties as a consultant to the next level and play an active role in the implementation and management of the proposed brand changes.

Charlotte Mistry graduated from Graphic Design & Photography BA (Hons) at Kingston School of Art London, in 2016.

Other studies include:

Media, Sociology and English
2006 – 2008 

Computer Graphics
2010 – 2011 

Communication Design

She has worked in London, Amsterdam, Milan and Madrid.

Previous work includes:

Milan Design Week
Toilet Paper Magazine
The Virtual Reality Cinema

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